Today where everyone is busy in their own lives and earning sources have you ever wonder that the one who is literate/ educated few from them still do not have work to do and the person who might do not have any education degree is somewhere the CEO of any company or earning millions in a day?

If such is the condition what is the need of studying let’s we all stop educating ourselves and earn millions in a day. But do you really think that the candidate sitting over the position of CEO does not have any knowledge? Well education doesn’t mean taking degree but if you have some practical knowledge that’s more crucial for what the ideal chair will be waiting for you. There are many such examples of the people who haven’t got any sort of degree in education are might be they don’t be studies too but what makes them so popular and rich is that they know the value of money and they have practical knowledge through which they are earning in millions. There is no sense of reading theoretical until you are unable to implement them @ any place. Practical knowledge makes you so skill that for facing any situation you know better solution and tricks to fight against and with the time your brain starts thinking the same you work. But this doesn’t mean that dropping education and learning practically would be the right way to reach the top position but now-a-days fighting against such big minded persons you need some skills and need to sharpen your brains which could only be done after you get concern about education. After educating yourselves you will be knowing the things to do and the one not to do and how to do. Well today’s our discussion topic is all about education let’s know more about education.....

What is education?

Education is the process of ease of learning with addition of knowledge, skills, values, belief and habits. Education methods indulges teaching, training, discussions followed by some directed research. A good education creates a critical though process in minds in addition to learning additional facts. It also encourages the curiosity which enables you to learning more in future. 

Why education is so important in our lives?

When I started thinking about why education is important for us, I discover that till now where I am after getting education one thing is very clear that it is important to gain knowledge. It makes us better every day looking to others and trying to do something new every time. Education helps you to stand in front the world and represent about your thoughts in right way, if you are not educated have you ever think where you would be? Education is much more important for success in life; it is also important for the development of social, economical and personal growth. Education is a tool or oil which helps your brain to run faster with the time and invent new ideas and thoughts which helps you to bring upward in your professional as well personal lives. Do not get depressed with the comments of society because if you are educated you have the willpower to fight against them and also if you have knowledge then there is no such way which will be close for you infect the respective position will call you and grace them with your knowledge because you are educated and you have some extra knowledge which the others do not have.

Why education is welfare for us?

The role of education and its benefits has a huge list in all of us lives. Till now you have been clear with the thoughts what education is and why it is important for us; now the topic is how education is beneficial for us?

Education is crucial because it pop-up the window which will lead to the way of opportunities. In this world of competition education is like a weapon through which you can conquer the whole world; it is like a air we breathe. Education will help you to grow as a best individual because the problems coming into your way will get solved with the ideas and knowledge you got from the education and this lead out to be the most successive person in the world only if you stick to the policy of being down to earth and also you will never stop learning things either if you have to learn from someone else.  Let us see the benefits of education....

1). Education helps to reduce the poverty.

2). Education raises literacy level.

3). Education increases health and wealth creation.

4). Education empowers female.

5). Education boots economic growth.

6). Education boots income rate.

7). Education makes you a good personality.

8). Education helps you to take decisions.

9). Education increases your thinking power.

10). Education helps you to stand and share your views in front of the society.

Well there are many more, it’s a never ending list of benefits of education in lives but these are the crucial ones.


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