Wedding is duration of fun and memories; you lost in the celebration that you forget about your looks; might be like women’s are much more focused about their looks and images and therefore they wait for such moments and prepare their wardrobes in such that they look the best with matching accessories and makeup. If you are attending the Indian wedding and are confused what to wear- then here are few of the tips which you just follow while attending such weddings.


Proper dress code

However dresses and style matters in wedding- you should know that where you’re and how you should get ready. Although now-a-days Indian weddings are organized with modern styles or themes but yet no one can match with traditional outfits; so try to wear matching dress codes with the functions and ceremonies. Proper dress code is requisite though it’s not compulsory but yet it looks amazing. Watch out for ceremony like if it’s haldi function try to wear a dress or traditional outfit with yellow shade or similar to it and so on. This will create an amazing style of yours in throughout the wedding.


Comfort is must

Although no issues for style and fashion you wear any material or cloth but remember that it should always be in your comfort zone. Pick the dress and material in which you feel comfortable; suppose for styling if you wore one piece or something like that but you’re not feeling good and comfort then probably you will miss the function and get irritate by handling such. So always remember to wear the comfortable cloth which allows you to enjoy more.


Have sparkling accessories

Now-a-days sparkle is in trend and has all time charm forever- as a woman you have several options to wear in accessories and several alternatives too. But as a men you don’t have much accessories to wear and nor options in that. However wedding is a time fun and glitters so why not your dress and accessory should be? Well both in combines might look good or not but with traditional sober outfit glittery and sparkling accessories can work well; so pick up such in matching or contrasting including your foot-wears.


Colors not to wear

Though people are changed now and have modern thoughts but yet there are some shades which can make you look dull in wedding lights. However now-a-days no one bounds you for choosing the shade you are completely free for this- but yet you must identify the shades look top on you. According to your complexion choose the shades so that it looks more gorgeous then the one which do not suit you. Sometimes we feel that this color matches us but it don’t sometimes; look at the mirror, see if your complexion is matching with the hade, do it is enhancing your features and beauty if yes; they pick up and if no then at least avoid it for wedding so that you look amazing and gorgeous in every picture of yours. 

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