What is SEO and what are the best SEO marketing services?



SEO stands for “Search Engine Optimization”- It is a practice of increasing the quality and quantity of traffic to your website through the way of organic search engine result. All major engines like Google, Bing and Yahoo have their primary search results where the web pages are shown and ranked on the no, of views a website gains and the quality of content it has. That’s why the job of content writer is demanding in the market and also get well paid.


How SEO works?

You think that these search engines shows you answer for every question you ask to them, their employs monitor your question and shows you the search results? If you think so, then you’re sleeping and moving beyond the world steps. Wake up guys! Google crawls and gathers the information about the content what you potentially asked, the algorithm it works on finds the keyword in your question, interpret it and probably shows you the content with similar keywords or the exact ones.  With a link of eye this happens. So basically SEO works here- as the most searched keyword which should be there in your content. Pick the highly questioned keywords, go for a quality content, manage the density of keyword, get the views, earn from it and raise your website to op search results.


Is market demands SEO?

Well definitely for sure a market demands SEO actually every company or organization whether a e-commerce or not requisite SEO to rank their websites in search engine results. Because not every company is Google or IBM, if it’s a startup and a settled company but yet to maintain the rank position in search result they have to do this. So if you’re planning to go into this but stepping back worrying if you’ll get job or not, then change your mind because in SEO you’ll get a job with any company because when digital marketing has become a necessary department for every company then mark my words they need  SEO handler too. With a free mind do the course and start your journey in amazing field and earn a lot.


Which is the best SEO marketing services?

Well in SEO both Google AdWords, social media marketing and content writing works the most. So settling your career in any field will be beneficial for your future.

However social media marketing and SEO has amazing opportunities in the market but if we talk about the content marketing then yes I will truly recommend you to once take a look and try to build your career with this, because even in part time you can go for a content writer position. Make sure you build your language skills completely and what if you do a certification of SEO with a blend of content marketing this will play a incredible role in your life and career, will become a turning point. So build up career in SEO and SEO marketing services. However there’re many more fields in SEO but this rocks all time.


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