Information Technology is using computers to store, retrieve manipulate data, transit information in the context of business.

Information Technology = information + technology

We are very aware about information which means data it can be raw or even processed and technology is a blend of human knowledge, tools, systems and several different things. Before data takes a form of information it is counted as a raw data and after several processing steps the raw data is processed into processed information through technology which can again be used further and is stored in a database.

Basically IT is a business sector which deals with computation, hardware, and software, telecommunication field and also looks towards the transmission of information form one system to another. Every new technology invented is the gift from IT sectors only. In simple words we can say that Information Technology describes computer and its networks, store data in database, retrieve data, send information and receive information, related with all software and hardware devices; gives birth to new IT fields and developing the world through making it digitalization.