What are the contradictory types of Projector?





Well earlier we have already discussed what a projector is and what are the uses of projector?


Here we are mentioning the link, if you wish to study from starting:



Without even recalling the entire story- thus will take time, let’s look to the today’s topic which connects to our past stories; what are the different types of projector?


Eventually there’re two basic types of projector we could see in the markets-


1.  DLP (digital light processing)

2.  LCD (liquid crystal display)   


However in past days CRT (cathode ray tubes) was commonly seen, but are dumb these days. The main functionality of CRT were they utilized three tubes, of primary colors (red, green and blue). Because of their huge size, low light output and the images projected from these projectors were not aligned, so now they’re commonly not in use.




Let us start with LCD, we know this term very well, however most from our homes be covered with these LCD’s. Now LCD projectors use polarized mirrors which pass and reflect only certain colors of light; now this causes every channel of RGB (red, green and blue) be separated from each other and later got merged via a prism after passing through an LCD panel which however controls the intensity of a colour and also saturation of a colour.





DLP projectors can be classified into two categories- one chip or three chips. As I said LCD use mirrors, similarly DLP accommodate millions of mirrors which reflects the light thousands of time every second. Though one-chip DLP projectors can fabricate around 16 million or more colors while a  three- chip DLP projector fabricates more than 35 trillion colors which reproduce a natural and more lifelike images. If we compared to an LCD projector DLP projectors are best because it creates a crisp images and through the chip models it’s quite difficult to find spaces between the pixels.


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