Being a computer science Engineer you are not only in demand due to the degree cost but due to the skilled and talent you have towards the field. This journey of an Engineer requires much dedication, skills, ability, capability and a determination to do something. A degree can’t compare your knowledge but your knowledge can compare you for jobs. If you are skilled and filled with knowledge then you will be in demand by the market itself otherwise roam in searching of jobs.

Many of times it has been heard that after doing Engineering students are still sitting at home with no jobs; it is a worth less degree to do. Is it? Well according to us this is not the fact behind the scenes of the students who are not able to fit the jobs because the market needs skilled people, if you have a good command in some specific field of computer language or you are brilliant in coding, programming, hacking and etc then there are several jobs waiting for you is just you need to apply. A computer Engineering fields is full of options, you actually have a number of options to do in it, several languages, algorithms, researches and many other fields exist in #computer #science #engineering is just requisite your interest.

Career opportunities after doing Computer Science Engineering.

·         Software developer

·         Software tester

·         Research journalist

·         Network administrator

·         Cloud computing

·         Database administrator

·         Database designer

·         Database operator

·         IT consultant

·         Website designer

·         Website developer

·         Teacher

·         Data analyst

·         Application developer

·         Application analyst

·         Games developer

·         Multimedia programmer

·         Software engineer

·         Mobile application developer

·         Robotics expert

·         Software analyst

·         Mobile expert

·         Technical author

·         IT trainer

·         IT sales professional

·         Web content manager

·         Cyber cell in charge

·          Network security

·         Hacking

·         Software support analyst

·         Start-up

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