·     A house

If you are waiting for long to have your own house and that’s your dream then Diwali is a time to bring it on to real world your imagination. However you people know very well that on Diwali and other festivals of India- company’s, builders and market gives several offers and beneficial deals to customer. So you can go for this I believe that and there is no such way to pay immediately because now-a-days banks are offering house loans, several finance solutions are available so I don’t think any issues will generate to buy a house. But remember to have a down payment amount in your hands while planning to have new house.


·     Invest in gold or silver

A best way what everyone feels to spend over investment deals is investing on gold or silver. Because spending over this gives two benefits-

1.    You will have gold in your lockers and eventually women’s of house can wear and enjoy it.

2.    In hard times or needy situations one can sell it or even for benefit you can sell gold when the rates are higher so you can nice amount of earning.

So this is being amazing idea to spend your Diwali bonus.


·     Mutual funds

However you can also spend your pockets on mutual funds as this is as same as buying gold and selling it. Buy the mutual funds of company’s and government organization and then sell them when they are on right heights of amount. But one think I would like to mention here is- spending over mutual funds are rarely beneficial for all, these are for lucks and for one having extra money in banks and can handle loss. Because sometimes you get money back and sometimes you may go to loss totally depends on luck and funds you’re picking.


·     Buy an insurance

Get insured your vehicle, your family or even for yourself so that in any worse condition in backend of you, your family can live easily and even in accidental cases you can get your money for what you have secured and get double of it many times tripe also. Investing over insurance is also a good deal you can spend your Diwali bonus what I feel.


·     Post office investments

Post office investments are good to spend due to government organization and with rate of interest. Even though you get amazing choices to invest with good deals. So I think this is a hurry up investing deal you can do this Diwali. Ask them, go for a full research and then invest. Or either you can go for some fixed deposits.













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