By far we have discussed about marketing promotions and I guess by now you’re clear with what is marketing promotions, what we used it for our business and how it is helpful for grabbing more customers?

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To know how marketing promotions are useful and how it can help you to increase your customer chain and business.


In this section we will be discussing about one way of marketing promotions that is print media or graphic art. Have you ever heard about such words, do you know what is a print media? Well it’s a common stuff to see everyday in our daily life but we don’t know what it is, how it works and why it can be a useful tool for business promotions.

Print means = “to copy something similarly on another object” and media means = “a way to deliver the information to thousands of ears and eyes using different paths like newspaper, news channels, advertisements and etc.”

However print media is just same to above para- where you promote your business and offers through media so that each and every person can know about your business and interested may contact you directly. Bhilwara is now a huge city, establishing a new business with new idea you need to promote your business so that people may know about you and your job and they may come to explore and share with their other friends.


Ways of print and graphic media as business marketing promotions


1.  Brochures, posters and holdings

This is an amazing way to present your business detailed information with pictures and variety of messages about your products and services. This is very common to see as an advertisement way; you people also have seen these several times. Posters can be of two ways, pasting or road side walls, moving vehicles or even sending them along with newspaper to every house. Holdings occupies a good space and are place at the nice height where incoming and outgoing people can easily watch them. So this is one way for marketing promotions.


2.   Business cards

Make a print of your business cards so that to every customer you offer them your visiting card so that they mind remind about your work and also it helps to share more and more and advertising at your level. Comparatively to other marketing promotions tricks this works little less but else you can use as it is less budget idea for promotion of your business.


3.  Local newspaper advertising

As I said newspaper is such which travels from door to door and printing your business advertisement here is again a very good idea, because newspaper is such what every person is fond to read, so by advertising your products, services with nice image and amazing offers will definitely grab customers faith and interest.











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