Before we actually jump top the topic you must be aware about what is projector? Basically projector is an optical device which projects an image on the screen. In the earlier times there was no television, no radio and no mobile phones after the invention of radio, T.V. and phones there had an invention of projector which helps to display and image or video on the screen. There is a deep and technical theory behind the working of projector but a simple description of this device is enough to know. Now the query rises is where projectors are used?

Uses of projectors in different fields.

        1.     Projectors are used in education field by describing a topic by videos or image and making it fun as a learning also we can easily zoom-in or zoom-out the image for clear vision and looking to the minor points.

        2.     Projectors are used in big MNC’s and industry level for the meeting purpose.

        3.     Projectors are used for making and visualizing the huge models in the construction industry.

        4.     Projectors are even used in home theaters which allow you to see the movie, match or any serial on a big screen with an amazing sound quality which makes you feel like you are watching live.

        5.     Projectors are also used for different events as for a laser and for other purposes.

        6.     And many more.

Projectors have different rates and it varies due to the brand name, quality, size and configuration and features it consists of. As we mentioned above the usage of projectors and what is projector now you can identify by your own where and how these projectors are being used in different fields for the betterment of the situation. As if there is a huge meeting or seminar and if you want to present something then rather than preparing a file or report on the topic and consuming more time you can go for using the projector by making an ppt or video presentation or even an pdf form to display the thoughts or ideas you want to share. It gives you an easy way and also saves time.