Since last very few years ago a drastic changes come to Bhilwara properties by adding some valuable and exotic collection of points celebrating fun and memories. There are a large number of places or points in Bhilwara where you can celebrate your parties and treats and can go ahead with fun things to do on. Although people just know small about Bhilwara but as we said last few years were the best for the under construction time limit took place to give a new look to our city Bhilwara. There are a good collection of places opening every new month which has a perfect location place the one can desire to have fun on it in Bhilwara.

Now there is no need to go outside and search for places for parties, weddings or anything because Bhilwara has a brilliant and exotic collection of party points which will be loved by you all.

A perfect place should consist of several features with the best interior and ultimate smooth outlet. However Bhilwara the top most part points which has given a best interior design with amazing furniture and color contrast and a very unique outlet by giving enough space for selfie section, nature embraces the property and  fantastic menu bar. Bhilwara has the top list of party points and few of their names are here listed below…………

  • ª    Unique village restaurant
  • ª    Sip & gossip
  • ª    Salt N pepper
  • ª    Tulip continental
  • ª    Spice garden
  • ª    Triveni restaurant
  • ª    Saffron the family restaurant
  • ª    PFC (priya food and continental)
  • ª    The olive garden
  • ª    Mirchi restaurant
  • ª    Maha nandini turning point
  • ª    La Eden garden and restaurant
  • ª    Hotel green plaza
  • ª    Grande vasaante
  • ª    Filmy tadkaa
  • ª    Way 2 coffee
  • ª    Dosa planet
  • ª    Asha food square
  • ª    Cafina
  • ª    The Ora café
  • ª    Apsara restaurant
  • ª    Hangout
  • ª    Sankalp
  • ª    Rasoi ka zayka
  • ª    Fun city water park
  • ª    Alaska
  • ª    Palm resort
  • ª    Gloria inn

And etc there are many such places and party points in Bhilwara where you can enjoy and had a lots of fun and built new memories. Apart from these places there are many other party points in Bhilwara where you can celebrate your birthday, anniversary, kitties or anything. Well these places do not indulge the huge garden spaces for wedding scenarios but yes you can definitely have a party eve here the above mentioned list. These all are repudiated and reliable places safe for girls and families so whenever you come to Bhilwara do not forget to taste from here and if you are a part of Bhilwara never forget to have parties on such points of Bhilwara. 

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