Internet has become the basic part of our life, as the world is all around the internet. Every person whether a kid, student, employ, business man even a housewife use internet for their respective works so by now one things is very clear that internet revolves around our lives and we are totally depend on internet. However it seems to be a destruction view but using internet solves our problem up to 90% because internet has a solution of every problem and we can find everything we want, but if we use it in a good way it’s good to use but if not then it can be reason of destruction too.

Many new technologies and terms we are seeing and listening every day form IT sectors and for internet we use one technology name routers. I wish everyone is aware about this term router and wireless router.

A wireless router is a device which allows several devices to connect to the internet easily through a router. Through a router we can use internet anytime and it gives good speed of internet.

Top benefits of using a wireless router

             ·       Convenience

Well placing this wireless router is easy and convenient as it does not require much connection cables or high place to place it. We can place the router according to our convenience where we feel require high usage of internet.   

             ·       Multiple connections

Through this wireless router one of the most crucial advantages is several and multiple devices can connect to the router at a single time for using internet. Because it uses different ip address so multiple connections becomes easy.

             ·       Portability

Whereas if we talk about this portable nature then yes, these wireless routers are very portable in nature as I said it doesn’t require many connections which make it portable and also we can place the router anywhere in a room the speed of the internet will be same for all the devices connected to it.

             ·       Easy access to internet

Like our mobiles need time to time recharge as this router too need recharge through which we can access the internet; but accessing internet through these wireless routers become easy when with just one click you connect to the internet as we connect our phones to wifi. Wifi is also a type of router only but if we connect one than three devices the speed of the internet gets slow as the devices which is having internet is also running with rest three devices. So over all these wireless routers are being best to use for multiple internet connections. 

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