Bathroom counters arrives in different shapes and sizes even though they come in colors and designs. If you’re a made lover of decorating and designs and have maintain brilliant designs and interior of your house including the bathroom then you should care it on regular basis. This time we will tell you why and what are those stuffs which you should never keep on your bathroom counter; the reasons behind the logic will be explained stay tuned.


Most of from us have a habit “talking about girls and women’s”. On daily basis for office schedules we put up some cosmetic products to look good and therefore, we try to keep the basic cosmetic stuffs inside our bathroom. And if the counter is small we try to paint a mountain of cosmetic over it.

The better option is to purchase the holding tools or stands which allows you to keep your cosmetic products safely hanging on this. Whether it’s your lipstick or lip color you can put the stuffs inside the stand and can hang this on walls or behind the door.

Nail polish:

It comes with a glass packaging and if mistakenly you hit it indirectly then you can create a mess all around, paints on the walls which are not easy to remove and sometimes they leave stains.

So either you don’t keep it in your bathroom or either you have a trolley then put it on the floor and then arrange your all cosmetic and nail polish products.

Contact lens cases:

If you have a habit of forgetting the things when in hurry which is common for most of the people; and you tend to keep your lens cases in bathroom so that when you enter in morning you see and hit a remind to use it. Well instead of keeping the lens boxes inside the bathroom which can get wet due to water or have changes to get wet which is not good for the product and you may get into loss.

Thereby never keep your lens cases inside the bathroom either you can have it near to your bed which seems more logically and organized.

Hair products:

Through these products we definitely don’t mean for the shampoo and conditioners, as they are useful and their right place is inside the bathroom only. But hair products like straighter, curler and other heating devices for your hairs which gives you a nice look.

Such products are sensitive in nature though you’ve a brand name over it. Because they have low life cycle so even if fall down from your hands it may get destroyed or even water to their wires or plates can again destroy the products and even damages your hairs if use unknowingly.

So we advise you to avoid keeping such hair products in your bathroom unless you have maintained a wardrobe to keep necessary items.



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