Snatch these courses for your future career after your 12th arts


We truly understand how difficult is for you to find out the career options in arts. For commerce and science is quite easy but for an art student is difficult, because only few courses such as designing, teacher or a government job is known to everyone and you.

But do you know that there’re several many other options you can pick to make your career go stronger with an art mark sheet. However things looks easy in arts, people still move with a mindset that a student chooses arts if he/she is not well in studies and the next thoughts says might be they want to be a designer.

Please, for choosing any stream it doesn’t mean it pocks his mental capacity. However a student picking science is not a scholar or a scientist, students today choose the stream according to their future plans, career target and goals. Passion means a lot to grab a settle and smooth career. If one has a dream in designing must opt a related course so that he can give out his 100%.

So do not hassle, if you choose arts with a plan of future or not, but here we have came up with something really helpful and cool for you guys.


Career options after 12th arts

       1.   B.A.

It’s a Bachelor of Arts; it’s one of the traditional courses which is selected by many of the arts student. This degree takes 3 years to complete and this degree is helpful for those whose dream to get a government chair. Many government jobs ask for a B.A. degree, so if your job wants the same, you should definitely go for this.

Crucial subjects in this program

  • §  English Language
  • §  History of Cultures
  • §  Introduction to Mechanics
  • §  Introduction to Graphics
  • §  Introduction to Design
  • §  Visual Arts studies
  • §  Study of Materials
  • §  Visual Perception
  • §  Workshops


       2.   B.F.A


     It’s Bachelor of Fine Arts; I hope everyone reading this article are well known with this degree. This degree is all about                     studying  visual forms of arts. Students with keen interest in painting, sculpting, photography, dance and music must go for this       degree to live their goals.

     However it’s a basic degree what student generally used to do, but half from them know its importance. It’s a well certificate for       students interesting in above mentioned options.


        3.   Journalism and Mass Communication


     Media has become an integral part of everyone’s life; the day begins with media and even ends with media. Hereby with media  I    mean like news channels, newspapers, magazines, journals and etc. If you have good speaking skills or even good writing              skills then this is just for you; trust me. Building your career in journalism or even in Mass Communication can give you a               chance to live your dreams and work for the jobs which are your hobbies or passion. There’re many job opportunities in this


    field and even will run the same in future so as for a future aspect this way is a better way to go.



       4.   Hotel Management


      Many people and even students think that only a commerce student or with a B.B.A degree one can go for Hotel Management        course. If you have taken arts in 12th but planning to go in hotel management then it’s not a bad option, an art student qualifies to opt for a course in hotel management. So getting this is easy for you also.


      Important subjects in this course


  • §  Communication Skills
  • §  Foreign Language
  • §  Food Production
  • §  Travel Management
  • §  Front Office Operations
  • §  Housekeeping
  • §  Management
  • §  Accounting
  • §  Nutrition and Food Science
  • §  Public Relations
  • §  Marketing

        5.   Fashion designing OR Interior designing


     While taking arts many students plan their goals as a fashion designer or either as an interior designer. Because for doing this an  art mark sheet works well, as for engineering science mark sheets is compulsion, same for these designing courses art is a            compulsion, but somewhere a commerce and science student is also eligible to get. But if you really want to build your career        in these courses, check the link mentioned below:








       ALSO KNOW-

      What can do with your Art Degree








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