What are the different types of courses available in MBA?

MBA is a master’s degree in Management; you can do this even after doing any course of graduation. But before you actually put your step inside the college and career you should be aware of the fields and courses which are available in MBA and the one which is related to your field you can opt it.

To make you clear about the courses this portal MY BHILWARA serves you the exact information about the education fields with giving you the list of the courses available in MBA throughout the India.

®                      MBA in Finance

®                      MBA in Marketing

®                      MBA in Human Resource (HR)

®                      MBA in International Business (IB)

®                      MBA in Operation Management

®                      MBA in Information Technology (IT)

®                      MBA in Supply chain Management

®                      MBA in Rural Management

®                      MBA in Agri Business Management

®                      MBA in Health care Management

Well these are the courses in MBA what you can get for your master’s degree in Management. There are still many more courses like Hotel Management and etc which are also included in the list of MBA courses but yet the above mention courses are known and are in always demand by their respective departments. So now do not get confuse; know your field and capability of interest and choose accordingly. 

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