Have got bored with the regular bedroom; wants some stylish change which defines your choice and personality? Well we will recommend you to go for some sober and stylish designs with some amazing color combo.

However white is color which match every single shade in the entire list and also if you wish to have white color in your bedroom there is no shame to share- because you can team up any other bold color like deep blue, red, pink, even green with white- every color will pop up because white is a silent shade ad thereby eventually you can design your furniture too with same shade either white or colored.

Whatever shade you define never forget to have some small ceiling lights which will enhance your style and color in night as well in dim environments.

Okay so for today’s tip is regarding decorating your bedroom in stylish way:



Have dark matte mint color as background

However as I said you can team up bold color with white so this trick merges bold color with white shade. Though matter in running in fashion and also looks stunning with its quality and performance; so this time you make sure to apply matter color as background in the shade of dark mint (which is counted in green tones). However you have several choices of color but if you want something stylish and trendy at same time then this will be best because mint color is in fashion and also it looks amazing with white; as per displayed in photograph.



Black covers to rack’s

With the black covers I mean definitely you will prepare or have your wardrobe and other furniture’s. If the furniture is customized then ask your labor to put black ply or cover over the racks. because black is such a color which will never lose it’s tone and never fade up- so yearly maintenance is also not required. Also there is less probability of mess with black shade.

Make sure that your furniture is completely black or either it’s of white and the draws and racks have black lid’s. This color is neutral and will enhance the background.



Have some back wall images

To your back of the bed hold some photographs, art pieces, frames and watch. This will complete the back of bed. Also as we advice to have some small ceiling lights or walls lights which will focus directly on images- this way the stuffs will be highlighted and also define your bedroom look. No separate light is requisite later then just few golden lights @ back and it’s enough. For more detailing you can definitely give lamps to your bed side; of whichever shade and design it is. A little funky to stylish environment will never hurt.



Have plain curtains

If you have an option of windows and are really concerned with the looks then definitely you can go for the curtain section. But remember do not use your old, boring curtains in your new bedroom. Have a plain white curtain or either some light shade of tone which can match up with your interior- so due to curtain the look doesn’t mess. Curtains and color sections in it are easily available in the market and stores- also online they are too available. Try to avoid funky colors and prints which can destroy your entire look.



Have a desk @ one side

Whether you are a working personality or not but organizing a desk @ one side of the room is essential. Desks are not only use for studies or gadgets but they can use as for several other purposes. You can keep books and can have phone charging cables, directory, computer, and laptop, even a coffee maker and some snacks in your room for instant time pass. You can also keep your stuffs which you use daily to avoid missing them; can have a small notice board to remind you for medicines and important events. So whether you have a desk or not but purchase a new one or either paint the old one to transform it into new.



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