Moving or travelling to a different place for a week, month or a bounded time period and are thinking to pack food for this move; but are confused what to do and how to do?

Well packing seems to be difficult until you have a tips and ideas to wrap fast. However we are not suggesting you for some packing organizers in Bhilwara but this portal My Bhilwara is actually helping in other ways by giving you the tips to pack your food for this move or travel. Know the best and safe packing ideas regarding food with My Bhilwara portal.

 Target your near expired foods

Our kitchen is obsessed with several packed foods and but obvious veggies and fruits which also gets spoil like the packet food has expiring dates. So if you have such in your stores or refrigerators then make sure to use them as anytime they can get expired.

 Start cooking

Days before your moving date use the things inside your refrigerators in cooking rather than buying new more. This will help you to get rid of those stuffs and also you will have the perfect fixed menu to eat daily till moving day.


This will ensure that your expire food items are finished before you move and also saves from spoiling it. The rest job starts with characterizing foods with their properties.

        ·      Dry foods

Such foods are easy to carry and store. As they are dry in nature and this behavioral habit allows storing them anywhere and also packing is also easy for your moving bag.

        ·      Canned goods

Such goods are also easy to carry inside bag if they are not opened. If they are half used then make sure to empty the cane and fill the stuff in some other air tight container; otherwise canned foods are easy to carry and eat.

        ·      Frozen foods

Such foods can spoil in packed area, so taking them into your moving bags can be a bad option to choose. However these foods are fresh until they are in freezer so avoid taking such foods until you are planning to take a temporary moving freezer with you. 

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