Well now a days stickers are in trend much, you can easily decorate your walls and doors with these wall stickers which comes under budget and gives you multiple choices with designs and shades.


But the question is very genuine to know that is wall stickers are best to garnish walls under budget?

Well YES this will be the prime to choose just because this really stands under budget guys. Whether you have high budget or low or you cannot afford to paint, style or decorate your room walls then you go for this I am damn sure that this will cost you so inexpensive that you will every prefer to decorate such kind of items to your walls. As it is available online and you can buy this from online stores and even can get from near by market under good prices starting from 70 to ? extended budgets. Different sizes, colors, designs are available to choose for your walls.

Even applying these stickers to walls are very easy, its not a compulsion to spend money over paints, if you have simple white walls or colors walls choose your favorite stickers or you wanted to get from long time, and paste the sticker, this will give nice touch to walls without spending high.


How to paste wall sticker to walls?

STEP 1: clean the wall from dust and dirts and get it dry

However definitely you would be organize and arranged and even love to clean your house all time but yet they are some particle in air and you never know that your walls are suffering form it. So before you starting the processing of pasting the sticker make sure that you clean the wall you’re planning to paste. So that while placing it you don’t suffer from disturbance. After cleaning make it dry from all sides.

STEP 2: cut into pieces

Well it totally depends on the sticker you are picking, if the sticky is long and have multiple small parts to join and cover the wall then I will recommend you to cut them in pieces in such way that you left some space from the real sticky part to tear them off cleanly. Cut the parts as you feel them necessary else you can handle the matter according to your wish.

STEP3: now assemble the pieces in right way in exact shown in the picture

If cut into pieces or not the main part is to join them and assemble them in right way. See the picture carefully and accordingly join the pieces. Know first which is the crucial part of the sticker and should be paste first so that the rest can be paste accordingly.


Which wall sticker to nominate for kids room?

Definitely sticker should be related to kids choice. Whether it can be cartoon sticker or even alphabet or number sticker. If your kid is smaller then 6 age then you must pic the wall stickers related to study like alphabet stickers, number stickers and etc. but if they are above this age you should choose something related to cartoon like they favorite ones. For girls pick something in barbies, mini mouse and etc. and opposite for boys like power rangers, micky mouse, chota bheem and etc.

Ask them what they will wish to see over their room walls, and even make them sit together with you while you are ordering wall stickers so that they can see the variety of stuffs and select one they like for walls.









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