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Interior design is a branch of design which embraces the designing of the interiors of places. It indulges the development of a concept in real-life and executing the design in actual over the object from inside; that is why it is known as interior designing. The art of designing the area or places with something new to eye is called interior designing. Furthermore your degree will expand your understanding of the human need, user experience, site context and culture of trend.

An undergraduate degree in interior design will make up a good knowledge foundation base in your career life. You will study modules on design elements, theory of colors, textiles, sketching and obvious about various materials. Within the course you’ll develop theoretical knowledge and well practical skills, will create several projects which will give a good touch to your portfolio.  



Depending on where you want to study is all your choice because its your pocket what matters not anyone’s else. You may be able to specialize at the end of your degree but before that in which field of interior designing you wish to step in is completely your choice. The society is still unaware of interior designing they think it’s a single career option and there is no major sub-division inside it. After being a interior designer you’re just supposed to design interior of places, but we know that this is not the true story. This specialization in interior designing can influence you what to choose for work, and in which field to graduate and build up the portfolio. Common specializations include:

  • ·    Commercial interiors
  • ·    Interior space design
  • ·    Materials and construction
  • ·    Ideation and communication
  • ·    Design process
  • ·    Ethics, ideas and context
  • ·    And etc.


Top 3 interior designer jobs

  • ·    Project manager interior designer
  • ·    Senior interior designer
  • ·    Interior designer


What interior designers do?

Interior designers make the interior space beautiful, functional and eye catching by determining space requirements and selecting color shades, decorative items like, lightening, materials, furniture and etc. They read blueprints and must be aware of building codes, inspection regulations and of course universal accessibility standards.


Duties of interior design

  • ·    Search for new projects
  • ·    Determine the clients requirement
  • ·    Consider how the space will be used
  • ·    Sketch design plans and partition layouts
  • ·    Specify materials and furnishing like wall finishes, lighting, flooring and etc.
  • ·    Visit the site for real inspection.


Types of interior designer

  • ·    Corporate designer
  • ·    Healthcare designers
  • ·    Kitchen and bath designers
  • ·    Sustainable designers
  • ·    Universal designers  

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