Resume – a piece of paper which decides your career isn’t it? Well I have actually read something unusual over the internet and according to that – “A Single Piece of Paper Cannot decide Your Future”. What are your words over this?

Well to be honest this seems to be somewhere right that a paper cannot decide your future but the story is completely opposite to what we think and what we read. If you’re seriously dedicated to make your future bright and stable your career in present than building resume is the first stage of starting it. However there’re no such age to build a resume you can apply anywhere at any age or time when you feel you should restart or start your career life. Building a resume is not difficult but building right resume and effective resume is difficult. On google you’ll get thousands of resume formats and ideas but have you ever been gone through a company or some professional resume, their formats, requirements are completely different which even google can’t let you know. Being a fresher I don’t want you to build your resume like a professional though you don’t have experience to write it down but yet at least you should know the basic tips while writing your resume. For ignoring the errors that might you create while writing the resume, read this article till end to know how to write resume and what are the tips to keep in mind while writing a resume.  

A resume is a piece of document that represents your life within few lines which will summary your skills to get recruit or not.


How to write resume?

Here are some of things which are the basics and starting of building a resume:

  • ·       Name and communication à write this in the header section to make it much more better.
  • ·       Object à write the purpose of dropping the resume. Try to complete this in a single line.
  • ·       Education à write about your academic degrees, qualification and certification you have done.
  • ·       Internships à mention this if you have done.
  • ·       Achievements à in the section write about your achievements,  extra-circular certificates, participation details, medals and etc.
  • ·       Hobbies à make it clear and simple with words, try to think more productive and write the valuable hobbies like dancing, playing “sports name”, listening music, reading books, travelling and exploring and etc. do not write unusual things in hobbies such as- watching T.V., riding bikes and etc.



Here are the guidelines to build resume

·      Resume length

Well this become more crucial to know at the beginning that what should be the resume length- two pages are more than enough for resume, after all that’s a resume not a book or story.


·      Font and size

Do not use artistic fonts or ornate fonts which looks bad and also difficult to read. Fonts like Times New Roman, Arial, Calibri or font similar to these are best for writing resumes. Now lets come to the size of the font, make sure that the size should not exceed more than 10 to 12 points this is a write font size for resume and also this size is readable.


·      Page margins

The standard page margin rules in word programs is 1” margins on the top, bottom, left and right. However if you want to reduce the length of the resume, it will be fine if you reduce the margins to ½” on the sides and top and bottom.


·      Layout

This is important to know, because when you decide to organize the sections of resume, be sure to keep this uniform in every section. Suppose if you write one company’s nae in bold and italic then every company name you mention should follow the same rule.


·      Information to avoid

Do not indulge your personal details such as birthday, height, weight color, race, marital status, children (if you have) and etc. unless for the position you’re applying needs this formality.


·      Accuracy

No matter if your resume is short or long but what matters is the details you mention and how accurate they’re. eventually the company is not coming to check the address or your current work profile to verify that whatever you’ve mention is right or wrong. But with accurate word I mean that there should not be any mistake in spelling or writing while building the resume because this lefts a bad impact on the interviewer when you send them in soft copy. Try to avoid mistakes like “spellingmistakes”.


·      Experience

Never ever forget to mention the experience if you have, no matter if the field you worked on is just opposite to the position you’re applying for. Mention the experience you have in working profile and do not forget to mention the time duration you worked their and what was your responsibility. If being a student and done any internship, certification course or something like that; make sure you mention this in your resume.    


·      Skills

This is optional, like this field is not mandatory to mention in resume but if you mention this, be alert to write the truth and honest things in your skills, because these are the fields where interviewer can judge you can ask you so complicate questions which are weak to answer from your side. Mention the good and positive skills you’ve.


·      Hobbies and interests

I think this is a basic field which you can write by your own, there is no such specific guideline for this, further more read the above mention hobbies section.



Note: Try to be realistic and try to be honest while writing in resume. Because just to make it fill completely if you write such things which are apart from your knowledge can ditch you during the interview. So its better to be honest, write those which are the real part of your life. Because while interview HR or nay candidate from company may analyze your resume and ask you the question which you’ve mentioned. So write the honest things and also be prepare to answer the things you wrote. And apart from these points never mention you weakness in the resume because this reflects a bad impact over the interviewer.


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