Important programming languages used for hacking


However hacking has prohibited in India by our Government of India. But still hacking is amazing work space to go for and also hackers are demanded by our top most renowned companies.


Let me tell you- a company with huge work space and has highest no. Of clients to deal with and has lots of crucial data needs a hackers in its data security team. Because only a hacker knows the finest ways to hack the data or system and get out information within few seconds; so companies more prefer to select employs with best hacking skills in resume in their networking and security team so that they could protect well and make the data safe transfer.

So if it’s your dream to be a hacker or you have few experiences in hacking social media account then surely you should choose this path to go for a long way with a stable financial career.

Though for hacking coding is required because a hacker is someone who breaks applications which is however programmed with certain languages and to hack any app a hacker should also be known with programming languages.

Many from you wish to set their careers in hacking but cannot find right way to start with. Here you’ll get a right and sorted path to start your career in hacking.

ü  Now the first step is to learn programming languages a hacker should need.

ü  After learning the programming languages one can easily hack or decode data or app with the rest hacking procedure.

Now for programming languages a hacker must be comfortable with:

·      HTML

·      Java Script

·      SQL

·      PHP

·      Perl

·      C/C++

·      Python

·      Ruby

·      Java

·      LISP


Career options:

Well there’re immense options available in hacking space, for this you must qualified with an computer science degree like BTech, BCA or even a masters holder in this can apply. What you need is- do your best with certification in hacking and networking this will help you out the most to get a secure position with a renowned name. However as a fresher in the corporate world you can earn a nice package starting from 20,000 to 30,000 if you have some knowledge and required skills, with experience this may reach to 50,000 per month or even above.




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