How to write a blog post| A guide to write blogs



We have already shared you a post on making a blog on Google for free like completely free, and with this free blog you can earn much more than a full time job, if you devote enough time span as well write some rich contents for your blog on really wanted or searched keywords.


How to make a free blog on Google:


Well guys this seems to be quite easy to write blogs because it’s none other than an article only which we used to write in our English papers, true. It is an article only but still there’re many rules to follow before you write any blog as your blog post. Let’s see the guide how to write a blog post.


Write on searched keywords

Now there’re many tools on which you can write your article. Never write something which you like or find interesting to write on. Tools like Google Trends, Moz Keyword Searcher and other paid and free tools are available for you, using this you can easily find the keywords which are searched at the most and even with the help of Google Trends you can also find how many people are searching to this keyword, by what time and even from which country or state the most.

TIP: Never go for those keywords which have higher no. of search results. Like suppose you search something on Google and it shows “156454” search results- now this means that “156454” no. Of articles of websites have been posted the content related to the keyword you enter; so it directly picks up that many people have already write on this. So go for some where search results are null so that your blog can be shown in the search result bar. However long tail keywords work really well for a blog post.


Research it completely

Fixed with the keyword but still blank with the meaning, doesn’t work for the blog post guys. So with an keyword research it thoroughly as many articles are already available on Google with your keyword, so read them all at least 4-5, get some ideas like how to start, where to end, what to write and what not to, try to add those things which are not mentioned in the article so that your blogs serves something different info about the title. Without doing a research never takes a chance to write a blog post.


Do not copy & paste

Yes while doing research this might happen that you like certain lines or Para and wish to add in your blog also, well Google and even the website can claim the copy-paste act on the blog you wrote and thus you may have to face some serious legal actions. Do not ever try to copied it from any blog, make something new; make something innovative with your ideas and thoughts. Even if you wish to mention- write in quotes like “dcbefgklmk fwejdfsdjkqa fhweijdeh jfuwehdw dhjdkqw kfqwdoqw hijdqw” and then also mention the website name and link from where you’re referring in short.


Make the title attractive

Well the title of the blog post should be attractive in order to attract the readers. Also use nice English vocabulary to make it more attractive and innovative.


Add pictures to your blog

However images play a crucial role in a blog, all sort of images are available on Google it’s on you how you find the relative one. Within the complete blog try to add images onto the places where it needs desperately to explain in short what you want to say and what does it represents. Also it make more readable and easy for readers to read your blog and thus looks more attractive. Add some nice and attractive images related to your topic or sub-titles to gain attention from readers.





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