How to renovate an old house in budget?



Do you want to renovate your old house in budget?

Do you want to renovate your old house?

Have you got bored and hectic living in messed up house?

Do you suffer from fewer amenities available in your house?


Then here is the complete solution for your every problem. Not everyone’s pocket is enough capable to build new house on new land. Many from our Indian families are still living in their old houses made from their grandparents and more even.

According to a research 60% families stays under middle class, 10% reaches the height of cash and the rest are poor families. Although the ratio will be more, it’s just a word of one research.

People with limited expenses goals have to plan for such big investment. However only in two conditions people choose to renovate their old house, either they’re really suffering hard from cracking of walls and roofs, unavailable of major resources and spacing problems or if their family size is increasing- in such condition they eventually choose a way to renovate their old house but yet budget matters again in India- so renovation of old house in budget.

Do not let your dreams run faster than your thoughts, your mind may control you to ignore the big investments and walk into normal life, but this ignores may one day lead to serious problem. We truly understand it’s not your intension to live in such roof, but the value of property and the value of roof means a lot. Look for the people, who are still roaming under temporary shades, at least we have a permanent shade to live onto which we are not supposed to pay. So if the time has long go, then a basic renovation worth it and may also change your old house into new one, with larger space in secure hands and with new look in budget with these ideas.


How much will it cost to renovate an old house?

Eventually it depends on the size of the house, we really don’t have a fix chart to show you the costing of renovation but yes we can give you an idea. With 1BHK house it would hardly consumes Rs. 10,000 to 20,000, with a little bugger house it may reach up to Rs. 40,000 to even 60,000 sometimes and for rest it may cross to lakhs. However this is not a perfect outfit but this may range near to this amount and also my increase or decrease according to your requirements.


How to renovate an old house in budget?

Well this advice will be very genuine and fruitful to you- showing off is not a deal to spend on, people may invest because they have; but you should only plan with your budget. The first advice moves with if have a sufficient and enough budget on renovation then make it change completely if possible and lies under your budget, but if not then start with those parts of house which seriously need your care and concern, after that probably you can invest more on the rest parts of your house to make it look beautiful more.

 Having renovation from outside doesn’t make much change and though this will take a lot investment because you have to make your old house renovate completely with new walls and new spaces- it means making a new home.

 But with a little care to cracked walls and nice paint color may heal everything from outside this is what I believe.

So start up your renovation from inside because after all you have to sleep and walk inside not outside, and even your guest and family will take their presence to inside, so as I said a little care and color will work well and start healing up from inside now.

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