How to prepare for a job interview



Every first interview is like a nightmare for students. Isn’t that?

Earlier just one face to face interview was enough for the job procedure but now-a-days there are multiple rounds which you have to face while you reach to the HR round. However these rounds may fluctuate with the policies of the company but still there’re certain rounds which have higher probability to happen- such as:

ü     The procedure starts with the eligibility criteria. This means that every repudiated company then and now have fixed up with some certain percentages in the semester and as well with the boards marks. If you lies under this then only you’re eligible to enter in next round otherwise you’re not allowed to appear. However this criteria is a minimum based no. through which the company ensures to have all the scholars + average candidate to be appeared in next round.


ü     After that a written exam has been conducted in order to check the knowledge of the candidate. Well this paper consist of those topics which are related to your course. For an example if you’re an engineer and appearing for placement procedure than you might receive some questions which are from your course. This happens to check that whether the concepts are clear to you or you’re not clear with the basic concepts. The paper is made with the basics so let yourself be prepared for that.



ü     Once you get good score in paper, the next round can be of group discussion. However this round is not mandatory as I mentioned above that it hardly depends of the company’s policy. This round happens to judge your confidence level, communication skills and how can you share your views on any random topic. However this is being my personal experience that the company may give you such stupid topics to discuss just like A.C. though we all are very well aware of the what is A.C. but still I don’t think randomly if given this topic we can speak more than 5 lines; unless the opposition is ready for the discussion than this may lead to good discussion otherwise speak lines like you’re introducing yourself the only objective of this round is to judge how well you’re in dealing with English and how you show confident even when you don’t know.


ü     The last and final round that is being HR round- a face to face interview. However this round is completely depending on the mood of the HR and what’s your profile is. You never know that what HR is thinking about you; I mean the time you enter the room and sit, this time is only require for an experience holder or the HR team to analyze that whether you worth to the company or not. You will feel like everything is going good but you don’t know that the leader are trying to show this but they have analyzed you within the second. Never gets too friendly to HR, unless they seriously take interest in your personal life. Your movements will le them know that whether you’ll right choice for them or not. Always be genuine to the words you write in your resume and what you speak, read thrice your resume because the starting question may generate from your resume only; rest be ready to share the experience you’ve in detail about working or projects mentioned in your resume.  


Well this is all about the higher things, but to get prepare for job interview let’s see the:


5 steps to prepare for a job interview


Research the organization

§ This is very crucial to research about the organization you’re preparing to appear for an interview.

§ Visit the organization’s website to know more about them

§ Look the services page of website to know what they serve

§ Read the about us page to know the company in deep, see if they have any branch office or abroad office.


Prepare responses

Preparing the responses are essential, once you have gone through the company’s site and know about their workings, start preparing yourself for the interview.


Plan what to wear

Go neutral or conservative business attire like neutral shirt, professional shoes will be the best option to go for the interview. Make sure your formal dress is neat and clean and wrinkle-free which means plug in that iron.


Plan what to bring

Make sure you keep some extra copies of your resume with quality paper and also keep some plain papers and pens if require anytime during the process of the interview.


Pay attention to non-verbal communication

§ Always be mindful to the words you speak when you’re sitting in the interview. If you’re asked to sit in waiting room until your chance comes- then remember that waiting room behaviors are always reported by someone form the team. Do not forget to sit up straight yet comfortable. Be aware of nervous gestures such as foot tapping.

§ Make sure that you don’t stare to interviewers, instead maintain a good eye contact. And also try to be neutral with your facial expressions because facial expressions can provide clue to your feelings.





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