How to make free blog on Google?


Is blogging your passion?

Do you love to read blogs and wish to make your one too?

Do you want start blogging to earn?

Well whatever reasons you have regarding blogging, it is not a bad option as a career. Now a day’s people choose to do blogging either by making blog videos on YouTube or either by writing blogs on Google. If you have good writing skills, love to do research and has a dream to build your own blog on Google then you’re on a right way to do so.  

However one can earn more than a full time job in blogging with a stable and high no. Of views on the blog, this won’t be much difficult.

But the question is can I make a blog for free?

Many students or people want to start a blog, but at the starting point they wish to start for free, because not every second hand has enough money to do job, so can one make blog on Google for free like complete free.

The answer is à  YES.

For sure you can have your own blog for free on Google, with an amazing service offered by Google which is known as

Here is the link below, if you wish to start a blog on Google for free-




Click on the above link, and follow the steps to build a blog.

Think an attractive blog Title through which people will know you and reach you out easily, check in with your email address, select the category for which you want to write blogs and according the blog template will generate.

No worries further you can change the blog outlet as per you want.

Now the point comes at what time will you start earning from the blog?

Is this blog gives you money?

Is this safe?

Is this reliable and genuine?

Do they charge anything from you at the first?

Well YES this is complete safe to go, is reliable and genuine also, and because this is a free services served by Google as I said.

NO will not charge anything from this its complete free trust me.

YES you will and can earn definitely from this website, however there’re few conditions which states as follows:

  • ü  The blog should be consistent- which means one has to write blogs everyday or every second day without any gap.
  • ü  The blog should get nice attention from readers- this means if your blogs are getting good amount of views everyday then it’s easy to earn faster.
  • ü  The blog must have n no. Of article then you can apply for Google Ad sense.
  • ü  Suppose if you have 80 to 90 posts on your blog with each more than 10 or around 2k views and Google can find you consistent while writing the blogs then definitely Google will pay you according to the views and interaction you have with your viewers or readers.
  • ü  The last but not least your blog should not contain any duplicity and also must follow all the SEO rules.
  • ü  For more check out complete story.

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