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Writing is a dream job for everyone isn’t it? Well everyone loves to write, not for some profession but for themselves only. Sometimes you love to write some poems or stories or people are usually engaged with writing their diaries and sometimes they’re busy with their own work like blogging writer or many more.

It takes time to become a professional writer or to reach a professionalism stage in career but I feel with some focus and hard word you might achieve the professionalism in 1 year, I am not sure about other fields.

However to be a writer you don’t have to do any course but its requisite to have some prior knowledge of writing the things. No matter if you have done BTech, masters, BBA, BCA, BSC or any degree or even just passed with 12th, you all are eligible to become a content writer. But as I said you should have some skills to write and must be creative every time you write. Skills may require a good command on English, skill to think creative, skill to handle SEO and etc. Well these are the basic ones what a fresher writer must have.

SEO is nothing but its SEARCH ENGINE OPTIMIZATION- it directly affects the visibility of the website, which is important because when you’re writing for some website or blog. So your objective is to reach more and more viewers, right? So to reach more viewers and to show your website in SEO rank you have to work hard and for that you should have a knowledge of SEO. We’ll discuss this topic later on in detail.

So to become a skillful and creative content writer you should follow up these tips to become a professional content writer:


      1.              Use different writing styles

Using different writing styles doesn’t mean to use different languages or different font styles in every para but this means to always have a creative writing strategy which means that always know while telling a story, that on whose behalf you’re sharing and what person should be used while writing. Clear up the writing things and use different writing styles to make it more attractive while reading like analyze the titles and then take a decision to be friendly, professional or soft while writing or conveying your thoughts.


      2.              Don’t pick random subjects

Now we revert to SEO again, with the motive to alert you not to pick any random subject you feel free to write. Just because whatever you’re thinking might not be in the queue even searched by the users on google. Your purpose is clear to give a SEO rank to your website or blog and that can be given with your contents only. Pick the strong frequency keywords which are generally used by the users while searching over internet. There’re many tools which help you to find so like google trends, google keyword planner and etc. They help you to find bets keyword according to the category you want and also how you how much no. of people gets engaged to it. Though this is difficult but yet with a right keyword and keyword density in your content you can write good contents and thus can be think like a professional content writer. So use these tools to find the keywords of your content and make sure you choose a long tail keyword in the starting because in billons of websites this will take time to reach in top search results, but while writing in long tail keyword you have advantage that if your keyword matches perfectly to the user request your website can be shown n search result easily- according to goggle’s algorithm.


      3.              Content should be original

When I told about SEO I forget to tell you about duplicacy, doing research or taking idea from other’s content is not wrong but copying the lines into your content is wrong because this counts your contents as duplicate content and thus Google have right to stop your content and make you alert about this. If such thing is done again and again then Goggle can even block your website. So its better to always write the original thoughts you have rather to copy and paste it.


      4.              Do a complete research

Research is the biggest task of writing a content, a professional content writer always gone through a research before he writes because writing wrong subjects or writing unnecessary things can react wrong, so its better to write short but true. Fetch the complete details about your subject and after you get clear with the base, start writing with your own views.




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