We never realise that our handwriting can reveal a lot about us and our personalities.

The study of handwriting is known as  Graphology  and a person who studies handwriting is known as  Graphologist. Graphology is a science and is based on observations mainly.

Recently, I have been analysing my handwriting and I will quickly share my summary with you here.

Before starting, I suggest you to take a plain paper and write few sentences on it, just to analyze your handwriting in an effective and un-baised manner.


  1. Size of the letters - If your letter size is Large, it indicates big, outgoing personalities with a constant need for attention. If your letter size is Small, it might suggest that you’re Shy, introvert but a detail oriented person. He owever, If the size is Average, it means you have a strong ability to focus and concentrate.
  2. Word Spacing - It refers to the amount of gap between two words, where if you leave more space between two words, it suggests that you enjoy freedom and independence, however if your words are spaced really closed,means you like the company of others but if your words are jammed up, it might suggest that you are intrusive.
  3. Pen pressure - If you apply heavy pressure on paper while writing, it suggests tension and anger, and also these people cannot handle criticism. But if your impression is soft, that says you're empathetic and sensitive. But, if your pressure is moderately heavy, it is a sign of commitment.
  4. The way you put a dot on your I's - If you place the dot high on page, it suggests you have active imagination. However, closely dotted I's suggests you're organised and have a detail oriented mind. If you dot your I's to the left, you might be a procastinator. If you dot your I's with a heart or circle, means you have playful and childlike qualities and like attention of others. However, if done deliberatelyyou are a creative visionary.
  5. If your words, in general, are slanted towards right, is suggests you like to meet and work with new people. But if your words are left slanted, you prefer to keep to yourself i.e. you are reserved and introspective. However, if your slant is neutral and upright, it depicts you are logical and practical.
  6. How do you cross your T's , also says alot about you. If it is a long cross, that means you're determined and enthusiastic, whereas short cross simply says you're lazy. But, if you cross your lowercase T's up high, you have high self esteem, are optimistic and likely to have many goals in life. But, if you cross them low, it's the time to raise the bar for yourself or simply you've lower self expectations.
  7. Loop of lowercase 'L' - if it is widely looped, that means you're spontaneous and relaxed but if it is narrowly looped, you might be restricting yourself.
  8. Y's Hooks - If your loop is broad, you've got a large circle of friends, if your loop is somewhat slender, you are more selective with whom you allow to come close to you. Also, if your y's loop is long, it is a signal of wanderlust. But short loop suggests you're a homebody.
  9. Lowercase S's, round S's suggest writer is a people pleaser and avoids confrontation. While if it is pointy/ Sharpy, it indicates ambition or inquisitiveness. Also, smaller s's that are wide at bottom, suggests writer is not following their truest dreams.
  10. Looping of E's - if it is narrow, means writer is skeptical and uninfluenced by emotions. But if the loop is large, writer is open minded and willing to try new things.
  11. Open O's - Suggests writer is more social and extrovert and more talkative. Closed O's suggests writer tends to keep to themselves and are more introvert.
  12. If letters are pointed, it is a sign of intelligent person who might be holding back anger and agression. But if it is round and not pointy, it signals creativity and artistic ability with emotional and sympathetic. Overall, if letters are smooth and connected, it suggests writer is systematic and logical thinker.
  13. Speed - if the writer writes quickly, they are impatient and dislike wasting time. If writer takes time while writing, they are self reliant, mothodical, deliberate and better organised souls.
  14. If I's are much larger than any other capital letters, is suggests writer is arrogant and and not able to take criticism.
  15. Not crossing T's or dotting I's - simply shows the tendency towards carelessness, writer being impatient, absent-minded. But it can also simply mean, you were in a hurry.
  16. If your words and letters are very well connected, it means you're logical and your decisions are based on facts and figures. But if they are disconnected, it means you're imaginative, impulsive and base your decisions on intuitions.
  17. Lastly, How legible is your signature - If you have a legible signature, it is a sign of confidence and comfort in one's own skin. But, if you have illegible signature, it's a mark of private or hard to read person.

Thanks for reading patiently.

Rishi  ??????

P.S. - For more details, ask below obelow in comment section.

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