Engineering is itself a vast field indulging several career options like:


®                      Computer Science Engineering

®                      Electronics and Communication Engineering

®                      Electrical Engineering

®                      Mechanical Engineering

®                      Information Technology Engineering

®                      Civil Engineering

®                      Chemical Engineering

®                      Aeronautical Engineering

®                      Agricultural Engineering

®                      Mining Engineering

®                      Biochemical Engineering

®                      Electrical and Instrumentation Engineering

®                      Metallurgical Engineering


You never know what is actually going to be executed in future and though studying for an Engineer right now you should focus more over the future. Studying different subjects may definitely build an interest in you but for temporary; you have to think where you want to see yourself in future- to what position and as which department.

Well according to a research done I can easily assume that there are few selected fields which are going to overtake the whole Engineering jobs- because the future is ready to be smart and there are few fields which are going to be used in every factor to make it smart and over that you must take a course, degree or certification to grab job in future with good package if money and life really matters to you.


Data science


Data science is similar to Data mining; however huge MNC’s and brands may have several criteria and separate positions for the candidates certified with Data Science.  Although Data Science is a blend of scientific methods, processes and algorithms; this field is an amazing to learn and perform. Only few people are aware about this field and only few take interest in this. Several government jobs including- ISRO, DRDO and several other big organizations have a vacancy for the scientist in Data Science. So make sure to watch out about this subject, build an interest because today even the world demands with the candidates degree or qualified with the extreme knowledge of Data Science so in future the demand is going to be increased more; because none other subject can replace it. It’s important and offers good package too.


Machine learning


In the era of robots and machine do you know the history how they were made? Possible not but yes you know how to use them and you also know what functions they perform. Might be you’re aware or not about Machine Learning- but this subject is the study of algorithms and training. Human brain actually trains the machine in particular fields to perform a job like human. Such learning is called Machine Learning; however you know that the India is converting into smart, although we are still lacking behind but yet we are working over this area. The upcoming area is going to be completely smart and for that smart Engineers will be required. If you love to see and research about machine or robots; or you have brilliant ideas to make or transform one then you must choose this area. The up coming future needs the Engineers working for MACHINE learning, so know and build your interest.


Artificial intelligence


AI is completely different form Machine Learning; however it’s a next stage of ML- but AI means an intelligent system. Machine learning teaches you to train machine in one field perfectly so that it can work like human and AI means training machine and giving them decision making powers so that it can completely in-act like humans.  We train them in every field including mentioning the algorithms so that by seeing they can even learn new things- the decision making power gives them a way to differentiate between two things. The up coming future lies upon Machine Learning or either AI.




This job is quite interesting because this job requisites research and new ideas. You can work as a Researcher by sitting at your home. What you are supposed to do is- you need to do a research with an idea or you can take any research paper idea; represent it with modification- that what’s the outcome and how can you make this better. Research is done in all fields whether its math’s or biology. Choose your field of interest and do research this may give you extreme level of knowledge- read different papers over it; find out the new one. If it’s an idea then present it you will get a scholarship form government to make this real if it’s betterment for the society, also you can represent it in some company already working over this and can get good amount. You can even get jobs as a researcher in several fields and company’s. This is a good opportunity and area to work and will always be in demand.





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