Monsoons are here now; this is the peak time where the clouds have swung their flags to rain high on the ground of earth. These climatic changes are hard to describe and identify, however where the morning rises with shiny sun the same day starts with heavy rainfalls. So over and all describing the exact weather can be typical though the weather forecasting is doing really a great job to alert the areas and people living there to be safe from the up-coming heavy rains.

In some areas the measurement of rains are low and in some it’s above the line that the government is forced to declare warning alert for all. So you must be all time prepared with heavy rains and misbalance weather moods.

In wardrobes whether you are a men or a women there are some essentials which you must be obsessed with; your wardrobe must have these things especially in monsoons.

Shorts and Capri’s

However it’s not for the outer works but heavy rains are the sign of wet clothes means clothes hardly gets dry up in few hours they take time. So when you’re @ home you can try out these clothes as they’re comfortable, skin friendly, easy to dry and affordable also. You can wear shorts or even Capri’s or long pajamas @ home so that there is no such tension for drying up these clothes.

Water proof hand bags

Hand bags are not only considered with the sign of women’s but men’s can too own pocket bags. These bags ensure the proper safety of the stuffs inside from water as there nature says. So for keeping your notes, credit cards, and documents you can have a water proof bag especially for monsoon and even they can be used throughout the year.

Foldable rain coats

Carrying rain coats are heavy and not easy so you can have a foldable rain coats which have a less prints and are short up to your neigh so you can even have in your hand bag or even can carry a separate plastic bag for this or even put it into your car so whenever you need it, you can have it protecting you from rain. 


It is such thing which do not need extra introduction however you own its importance very well so this might help you to save form sun rays and rains both, so always carry it.

Face wipes

Well this is not that crucial to have in your wardrobe or essential monsoon bag but yet these monsoon creates extra humidity in the air and because of this one can have excess oil on face whether it’s dry type or oily. So to look confident you must comfort with your looks especially with your facial things so carry face wipes and get instead free treatment from excess oil.

Water proof phone cover

Buy a water proof phone cover for your phones because in rainy days it’s hard to protect your phones from water. Taking care of it a lot instead there are chances to have such accidents so always keep your phones in water proof phone covers which ensures total safety as well.   

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