Make the world happy by donating your blood in blood donation camp in Bhilwara

Donating blood is a good work and counted as a supreme help to other people. Why you donate your blood, obviously to help other people who are in need, in short you are a life saver who is saving the life of other peoples. Remember helping someone is not a thing to showcase but it’s a thing of humanity that by sharing your blood you are saving someone’s life which means a lot; imagine for a while what happen if your loved ones are in danger and critical situation where he/ she required blood immediately, if someone will donate then you could save their lives otherwise not. So be a god for others and help other people to smile by helping them and donating your blood.

There are many organizations who conduct these blood donation camps go with a sports man spirit and have a courage to help others with gaining pain and giving smile.

This world is full of different peoples with different blood groups like

Ø O-positive: 38%

Ø O-negative: 7%

Ø A-positive: 34%

Ø A-negative: 6 %

Ø B-positive: 9 %

Ø B-negative: 2 %

Ø AB-positive: 3 %

Ø AB-negative: 1 %


However the rarest blood groups in India are AB- is definitely one of the rarest bloods grouping system in India as well as worldwide. (0.4%) of the Indian population possesses (AB-) while O+ (35.1%) is the most common throughout the world. (AB-) is followed by A- (1.2%), B- (1.7%), O- (2%), AB+ (7.3%), A+ (21.7%) and B+ (30.5%).

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