Eventually let’s begin with the most affordable and best DIY wall arts. Many of times it happens that we are out of budget to repair or polish our homes and in such cases we unfortunately avoid to pay extra beyond our budget. And due to this our homes need to suffer- when you need updation in wardrobes, style time to time then your home does need too. You love to pamper yourself and care to your health and body and all time you are concern for skin and thereby use good cosmetic and facial products then why not your home does require too. So this time we have brought something very special for you; DIY wall decorating ideas.


Paper Made Bird House Interior Wall Decor Design


However papers are cheap and easy to find. What you need to do is you can either purchase the small bird house with different colors and themes and can directly hang on wall; but if you have low budget then you need to spend some time to make out the bird house and paint them into amazing shades.

Find out your weekends or Sundays for this- prepare the bird house in easy way with the tricks and tips-

         ·        Make a cardboard or hard paper pen stand first.

         ·        After this do join two cardboard pieces in order to make the             roof of the bird house.

         ·        Now paste tightly the parts together.

         ·        The final job is to paint or design it with ready made color               papers or designs papers.

         ·        You can easily find to your nearby stationary regarding floral           print papers. These look amazing and you can directly paste           on the cardboard.

         ·        Other than this paint the house and now design with other               shades or pearls or other mirror works.


Heart beat interior wall décor design


This is just a simple and quick way to décor your walls. Have a light tone of paint to your walls either white, peach, baby pink or even baby orange- remember it should be light and matched to red color. After the paint paste the heart stickers directly to your walls with some distance or even have a diagonal design of large to small hearts stickers. This is easy and quick idea- however finding heart stickers are easy in market with different sizes and colors. Choose the red color because it looks more attractive then any other color.


Paper butterflies interior wall décor design


However now-a-days butterfly designs are common to see because it looks more attractive. Though this idea is also cheaper and quick in all ways. Whether you have time or not but you can definitely apply this design to your walls to make them more attractive and beautiful.

If you have an interest for drawings and crafts and you can devote some time towards it then this is going to be more amazing time pass to décor your home walls. Watch the paint of the walls if its white then do not disturb it- make the black butterflies for designs or if not you can apply your favorite combo of shades.

Or for quick tasks buy the paper butterflies with different colors, shades and sizes from market and paste it on your walls randomly or either from bottom to top- remember to apply them in ascending or descending order.


Make the wall paint with your choice background


Which you love the most- galaxy, under-water, fishes, forest, animals, cartoons, love quotes or any other design. Hire a painter and make it real print onto your walls. Ask him what he can do for your ideas; if he is ready to make then apply the design you wish to see on your walls. Make it real with few investments and have a life time joy. But make sure to apply this only when you own your house and when you know that for rest coming years you will not be supposed to move. Then only invest this otherwise not.



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