Digital Marketing career options in Bhilwara



What is digital marketing?

So we all are familiar with the term marketing- promoting any product in market comes under marketing. Earlier the method was, people use to do surveys and ask people to purchase certain products, they invest time in creating seminars in schools, colleges and other public places so that more and more eyes reach to them, isn’t it?

Well this marketing strategy doesn’t work up now, however we need to tighten our belts to work hard to promote goods, because through internet the choices, decisions goes changes within seconds.

Now the globe stays over internet as more rather in the surrounding. So the marketing strategy thus goes change again with time. This is the time of digital marketing. Earlier when people use to roam and promote goods is changed with the way of publishing ads over social media platforms. Our youth and previous generation spend their most of time over internet; so now the companies are trying to grab their attention through internet and this way of doing so is called as digital marketing. Where the company’s promote their services and products over the internet digitally, however the story doesn’t ends up here, there’re many other fields in digital marketing where you can do specialization and earn more. People with keen interest in social media accounts and love to spend time here can now earn money through this field.


Digital marketing career options in Bhilwara

Okay, so in Bhilwara you can easily find a job under this profile of Digital Marketing because now every institute, organization needs a digital marketer to promote their works and services. So finding a job in this career is not difficult however in Bhilwara you can easily find a good job with this course.

Now let’s come with a company’s profile:

So in my knowledge one company stood the foremost with brand name, employees, work position and career options that’s Anines Tech Services. Here is the link to apply –



 It’s a start-up company in Bhilwara with around 10-15 employs working in different profiles with a good package. However Anines Tech Services has many career options from developer to designer, marketer to writer like a complete job options can be available to you under this roof.

So if interest to work with digital marketing profile then working with Anines Tech Services will be a good kick start for you.


Why choose Anines Tech Services?

As I said Anines Tech Services, Bhilwara is a startup with genuinely a good work profile company in market with so many clients in queue. Now working with a startup is beneficial because you get chance to learn more and more. With an MNC’s you’ll only assist your seniors as for a fresher a company never trust to give a project. But here you’ll get a complete project to get hands on as well learn more new things. Though Anines Tech Services is a stable company and have hundreds of linked projects and companies as in client list. To get direct experience on project you should try here. Within Bhilwara getting such opportunity to explore is rare to find but now it’s easy to find with us.


Salary in Anines Tech services?

Well it depends on your resume how strong it is, and how much experience do you have. However for a fresher you can easily get above salary of more than 5k, again it depends on your skills and knowledge and of course for your certification in digital marketing. Though with Anines Tech Services you’re flexible with the working hours, can join as for full time or even part time if want to continue with studies or any other work profile. So earning money from home also becomes easier with us.


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