However now-a-days every owner is concerned with the looks of their café’s because today’s world where competition is running everywhere you need to stand so hard and tough that customers prefer come to your doors every-time and serve you good feedbacks in return. A café completes with a blend of services, taste and interior. The amazing and interesting new look you give to your café the more people will attract to come you and approach you.

Building a normal interior to your café won’t attract people but giving them a royal touch may involve them @ high rates. Although wooden interior also looks amazing but however if talking about our Bhilwara then gradually you can pick a design which is a new look; I mean something which is not yet being used by any hotel or café interior.

Now the question is how to apply royal touch because approaching to royal interior design may cost high in-fact very high; thereby, what you people can do is:


Keep the furniture’s very calm in nature

Do not go with heavy shades like blood red, orange, yellow or any sort of shade of like this; instead of this keep the furniture’s in calm nature. Paint them either white, sky blue, peachy pink or the one shade matching to your wall art.


Have royal printed wall pieces

If you don’t have much budget to spend over interior what you can do is buy some wall pieces or wall arts with royal designs make one thing mention in your mind that whatever design you are picking make sure to have furniture accordingly as 3d wall piece are easily available which will give a look like it’s real, go through once for such designs and watch what you want to do with your café interior.




You may apply a royal touch to your café but remember one thing that your motive should not earn extra from the customer over the account you have spend for your café; although it’s a part of a business but yet try to keep your menu with simple and affordable rates so that more and more people will prefer to come otherwise I have seen many cafés who have amazing interior and high profile status but yet people are not fond of moving to their doors due to the expensive bills. The motive is to keep the café so friendly to all pockets and serving them at best so that they will never think second time to take a decision whether to go or not; their first choice will be yours.






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