Well it depends on you, want to invite with a wedding card or not. Look to this digital world there are several ways you can use for invitation and though for them cards are not specific. E-mail invitations, Facebook invitations, invitation videos, personal invitations on Whatsup and etc. so first know what you want.

Look wedding is such occasion which is not going to happen again in life, spending a lot money on wedding and making it memorable for all with delicious food, decoration and gifts, then cards matter a lot, but g you’re planning for a sober wedding then I guess a normal invitation is enough which you can give with a wedding invitation video and send it personally to the persons you want to invite, simple. Although it’s not compulsion I am repeating it again, its completely your choice.

So I wish you may have get a clear vision for wedding cards; when you have a large family and spending good budget over wedding then a wedding card is like a mirror and a trailer about your marriage through which you reflects with your happiness. So wedding card looks like a mirror image of your wedding day.

Now wedding card can be of two types:

ü A traditional wedding card (details are mentioned in Hindi)

ü A modern wedding card (details are mentioned in English)

Is this just normal difference? No; a traditional wedding card includes a traditional view or design but whereas a modern wedding card includes a modern pattern to invite which is now-a-days in more demand.

Now the biggest question is –

What things to embrace to make a perfect wedding card?


Keep a title

Well before you add title to your wedding card make sure you have added a quotation or sloka at the top of wedding with a picture of a god whom you admire the most. Now keep a title of your wedding, it must be exciting and unique as well. You can keep a title matching with the theme of your wedding or either the best says that you can have a title named with a combo of your names.


The major part which describes that which function is going to be held on the date. So make sure you add the right date with right month and along with the date mention the time as well.


Now-a-days people are moving towards the theme weddings, if you have a pre-plan for the function themes or color codes, then make sure to make it print in the wedding card so al of the people can get to know about this. Mention the theme in clear words and color codes with adding some related images in front which help others to understand fast.

Additional events

If you’re adding some extra events in your weddings like a pool party, DJ night, farewell party then it is requisite that you add all the additional events you are planning for so that the invited person can know in detail.


Again a crucial part of the wedding card where it describes the address where your wedding function are going to be held, if the address is complicated or new then make sure you add a map at the end page of the card or either put a separate piece of card along with the bunch which only has a map so that people don’t get confused or irritated while finding the address.



NOTE: not every person has a close relation with you and you don’t invite everyone to your wedding except reception, so print different cards with them and just mention the events you want them to give their presence.  










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