Now-a-days money and wealth is everything for a person and people are finding ways to earn money apart from their regular jobs as today’s expenses are not that affordable to manage in a salary of 20 to 30k; so eventually they need to do some part time works to manage their expenses and living.

However, from various earning sources YouTube[PK1]  is being one of the best source or you can say a free kind job. Content writing, online tutorial lectures, marketing work and etc. there are many work which you can do from home and earn good, with spending few hours over internet. And YouTube has been found one from it which gives you flexibility of hours and earning good amount without expending much.

Let’s check out the ways and steps to earn money from YouTube:


Set up your channel

This is being very crucial part to set up your channel for earning, YouTube gives you easy way to create a channel on YouTube without paying anything to it and can earn up to good amount. Though you have flexibility to pick any name for your channel but remember to choose such which is easy learn for your viewers and also make sure that whatever field you’re picking to upload videos, try to choose a related channel name also. With setting up channel it can be easily login with your email and password from anywhere and also you can watch the insights that how frequently people are watching videos and from where.


Upload content

Hereby content does not mean article, content refers to the data or any matter which you are planning to upload on your YouTube channel. You can set up channel for tutorials, sharing ideas or DIY’s, cooking, some motivational videos or anything. It totally depends on you that how and which field you pick and also remember to do not copy paste any content from google or YouTube to be safe from duplicacy and copyright law. Make a video and upload it on your channel and try to get more and more audience to it. If your video is a silent video and you’re showing or making something then make sure to edit it and play music @ background in video so that audience do not get bored.


Gain an audience

The higher audience come to your channel or video and the higher you are be paid from YouTube. So try to promote your channel and videos on social media as it is one of the bets and finest way to promote your business and talent and also even you can make page on social media accounts with the same name of your YouTube channel so that people will get to know about your channel and also you will views and recommendations for next video. Even ask your friends to promote it on good scale.


Set up google AdSense

Well with views definitely you will earn something but if you apply to google AdSense for sure you will be paid little higher from it. Just search Google AdSense and make a account on it by pasting your channel URL and connect it and now post ads on your videos which will make you earn little higher. No matter viewers initially view your video a single hit to your post will make you earn money.


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